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The contest ends on the 31th of May, hurry up!

REGISTRATION 2018 (in French)



For young talents creating comic strips The Raymond Leblanc Prize has become the best endowed comic strip prize in Europe!

For its eighth year in existence, in 2014 the Raymond Leblanc award has grown once again, and stands out as one of the nicest rewards for young creators of comic strips.

In fact, the Raymond Leblanc Prize has become the best endowed competition (20,000 €) and the most prestigious for young talents in comic strips, and one of the major events in this field in Belgium, thanks to the active support of the French Community Commission (COCOF) and of the Brussels-Capital Region.


The Prize rewards a single winner, who wins a contract to publish his/her project as an album with the Editions du Lombard of with Futuropolis.

The author’s work will be remunerated in the following way:

  • 10,000 euros paid outright;
  • 10,000 euros in advance on all types of rights;
  • 10% of the copyright royalties on the selling price to the public of the album.

The work to which the prize is awarded will also be the subject of a promotional campaign that is unprecedented in this type of competition, with a value of tens of thousands of euros. The details of this promotional cover will be communicated later, within the scope of a partnership with other operators.

On a free topic, the applicants must present a complete dossier introducing a draft album including a synopsis, three completed story boards and a draft cover.